Car City West

About Us

Car City was started as a local family owned business over 15 years ago. Gregg Moyer, owner and operator has given his past 30 years in the automobile business showing customers that he will sell a good product at a fair price and take care of his customers, he believes that "Your Satisfaction Is Our Success".

We have just expanded to better serve customers in the Clive and surrounding areas with a combined inventory of 200 of the nicest pre-owned vehicles that will fit all needs and desires. We offer financing, Extended Warranties, Gap coverage and all kinds of ways to protect and maintain your vehicles value. We also can help you customize your vehicle with any accessories you wish.

We are excited and pleased to be in our new location, Car City West, and welcome our clients to visit us and our team, where we will make your buying experience one of the most enjoyable experiences that you, as a client, deserve.

Gregg Moyer